Our Commitment to the Environment

Perth Festival of the Arts considers environmental sustainability in the development, management and delivery of its annual Festival. We strive to make choices that will reduce our Festival’s negative impact on the environment.

Our Festival Venues

The Festival does not own or manage any premises or offices. Our live festival events will take place indoors across various local venues and outdoors in the plaza of St Paul’s Church and the plaza of Perth Concert Hall in a large marquee.

We hire local venues to deliver Festival events and work with many venue partners around the city. Our key venue partner is Horsecross Arts Limited who are committed to being an environmentally sustainable organisation. Horsecross Arts’ approach to environment sustainability is detailed on their website and covers areas such as recycling, waste reduction and energy efficiency.


The Festival does not produce or supply any products that are single-use plastic.

Our main Festival venues will have recycling stations on-site.

Our main products in a typical Festival year are paper-based printed brochures or leaflets, all of which can be recycled.

The Festival invests in re-useable signage and branded materials. For outdoor events such as arTay, we hire reusable items such as our marquee infrastructure.

Sustainable Travel

Our venues are based in Perth city centre, each within walking distance from public transport hubs in the city – Perth Rail and Bus Stations. You can find out more about Perth’s public transport links and electric charging stations on our website under Visitor Information or in our Accessibility Guide.

Where possible, we book international artists when they are already touring in the UK to avoid unnecessary air miles and reduce travel.  Increasingly, our UK artists are choosing rail travel to avoid air miles.

Project Management

A small team involving an Executive Committee and a Festival Director manage the Festival.  The team meets both in-person and remotely as required and aims to avoid unnecessary travel wherever possible.

Similarly, we host meetings with most of our non-local suppliers and partners on a remote basis.

Local Suppliers

Wherever possible, we aim to purchase in Perth & Kinross or in Scotland to minimize the carbon footprint of our products such as printed materials.

Our Festival catering for artists is provided by Horsecross Arts who source approximately 80% of food locally, saving on food miles.

In 2023, we are aiming for approximately two-thirds of our event supply chain and artist expenditure to stay in Scotland, and nearly 50% of our event supply chain and artist expenditure staying local in Perth & Kinross.