Written and performed by David Colvin
The tragic and comic tale of the greatest bagpiper who ever lived.

Whilst our 2020 performance of Thunderstruck was cancelled, we are delighed to share some highlight videos and photos about the play below.

Fresh from its international run at Perth and Adelaide festivals in Australia and its Herald Angel Award-winning run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Thunderstruck is a one-man emotional rollercoaster exploring how the traditions of bagpipe music were rocked by Perthshire binman Gordon Duncan, and how he changed the life of one young piper, forever.

Includes swearing and a four-piece rock band. 

Take whatever romantic notions you have of bagpipes and leave them at the door.  

Thunderstruck is a story of humanity, full of pathos and the personal effect one man had on another” - Jeremy Welch 

SCOTTISH FIELD EdFringe 2019 ★★★★★

Just sometimes the sheer inner power of a solo show makes me weep with joy” - Chris Grady


It’s in his impassioned descriptions of piping’s mechanics and the ‘unfulfillable longong’ of their sound that the piece really takes flight and becomes unique” - David Pollock 


Colvin takes the audience on a mesmerising journey through his own relationship with the pipes; at times a love affair, at others a frustrating rocky road, but always with the determination to feel the Celtic traditions of this powerful instrument” - Aisling McGuire THE WEE REVIEW EdFringe 2019 ★★★★★

We are delighted to be joined by David Colvin, writer and performer, in a video that he's specially created. Hear David & Tom Freeman Director being interviewed by BBC’s Janice Forsyth about the influence of the great piper Gordon Duncan and the development of this incredible play that was due to be performed at Perth Festival this evening. As well as being treated to an excerpt from the play, we'll also hear fantastic music by Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton to finish.

Writer and performer David Colvin collects the Herald Angel Award Thunderstruck won at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. So well deserved!