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17th - 26th May 2018
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Kit and the Widow Mini

Kit & The Widow

Saturday 29th May 2010

Perth Theatre, 19:30

This event was part of the 2010 Festival Programme.

Kit & The Widow, Western Europe’s Leading Piano-and-voice-based Lounge Act, may well be in their prime. With 50 years apiece they have now chalked up a dazzling century. Almost unbelievably (except when you see what they look like now) their unbroken stand at the crease has lasted 30 years. Their seditious songs expose all the ball tampering of contemporary life, something they would never stoop to themselves (in fact they’re too old to stoop for anything).

Touring internationally over the last three years as support for American stand-up Joan Rivers, they are delighted to have sloughed her off for long enough to nip up the M90 and return to the glorious Perth Festival. Kit’s adored contributions on Radio 4’s Just A Minute are always a pleasure, but only return a very modest stipend. Similarly, the cash cow of The Widow’s involvement with Alan Bennett’s The History Boys has been milked dry. Which is why the Fair(ish) Maids of Retro-styled-piano-and-voice-based-lounge-cabaret are delighted to bring songs new and less new to their very favourite city.

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