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Jeremy Hardy

Saturday 28th May 2011

Perth Theatre, 19:30

This event was part of the 2011 Festival Programme.


Tickets will be available on the door on the night.

‘One of the sharpest comedians on the circuit’ The Guardian

Jeremy Hardy is one of the UK’s foremost and respected stand-up comedians.  An essential member of Radio 4’s The Newsquiz team, Hardy is back on the road from 4 February, at the Corn Exchange in Exeter. 

His Live Work:

Hardy’s new live show could be called an extravaganza were it not for the fact that nothing happens.  He comes on, talks for a while and then goes off again.  He doesn’t walk about.  In fact ‘show’ is a bit of an overstatement.  But he does say quite a lot, most of it coherent.  And he means well, which is the main the thing.  Still alive and able to speak for lengthy periods, this will not be so much as a one-man show as an understaffed cavalcade.

Jeremy’s perhaps best remembered as a younger man, but there is nothing he can do about that now.  He became a stand-up comic in 1984 and will be one until he dies or wins the lottery.  His live work has included Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he won the prestigious Perrier Award and numerous tours of the UK and Ireland.

His Biographical Information:

Hardy is a regular on several Radio 4 shows including: The Newsquiz, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Hamish and Dougall and Just A Minute.  Last year he has published a book My Family And Other Strangers (Ebury Publishing) chronicling his desperate search for interesting ancestors.  He has also written Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation (Methuen) and When Did You Last See Your Father (Methuen).  Jeremy has had a regular column in the Guardian and the Evening Standard Magazine.  In 2002, he travelled to the West Bank to film a documentary about the International Solidarity Movement.  The acclaimed Jeremy Hardy V The Israeli Army has been on general release in the UK and is now being screened all over the world. ‘Britain might just have found it’s very own Michael Moore.  Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Jeremy’s recent television credits include:  QI (BBC1), Mock The Week (BBC2), Grumpy Old Men (BBC1), Back In The Day (BBC2), Not Tonight With John Sergeant (BBC2).  He appeared in Hotel, a feature film directed by Mike Figgis opposite Burt Reynolds, David Schwimmer and Rhys Ifans.  He was also in Blackadder and Sorry.  And in 2008, Jeremy appeared, with Robert Pattinson, in the film How to Be.

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