Virtual Photographic Exhibition

Join Perthshire Photographic Society for a free virtual exhibition from Thursday 20 May. 


Perthshire Photographic Society is delighted to present more than 100 photographs from 30 members that celebrate their interests across the photographic spectrum – from landscapes, wildlife and portraits, to night, street, still life and fine art.

Stroll virtually through the exhibition rooms and be inspired by the visions from the society's members as they’ve captured moments that touched their hearts. 

The members have experience from beginners to working professionals, from those who’ve had an active long-standing love of seeing the world through a lens to those who are rediscovering a passion of long ago.

The exhibition will run from Thursday 20 May and beyond the Festival period to Saturday 19 June. Enjoy this short video to give you a hint of some of the photos on show in the exhibition.

We hope you’ll visit to virtually stroll around the three exhibition rooms and be inspired by the visions of members. 

Navigating the 3D exhibition

As you enter the exhibition, you have a few ways to enjoy the works on display. There are 3 rooms in front of you, with a darker floor in Room 2 to help you keep your bearings as you move through the virtual galleries. The larger Rooms 1 and 3 have partitions in them, giving us more wall space for you to enjoy the works.

To start, simply click on the beautiful landscape photograph closest to you, and you are ready to enjoy wandering the exhibition.

A ‘previous’ and ‘next’ button appear on the right-hand side of the screen, allowing you to work your way around the exhibition. You can also use your mouse or keyboard arrows to stroll around.

You can learn more about each photo through an information panel provided by the photographer. The platform doesn’t open information panels as you wander – you’ll have to do that for the ones you are interested in. 

Alternatively, you can let the platform take you around via the Tour. You can pause it anytime, and return back to it, or the start, whenever you like.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and return again between 20 May and 19 June.