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Jacques Brel: In Song and Dance

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Friday 24th May 2013

Perth Theatre, 19:30

This event was part of the 2013 Festival Programme.


Created by Heels Over Head Dance Theatre

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Agathe Girard

Director and Movement Director: Steinvor Palsson

Theatre Consultant: Gerry Mulgrew

Producer: Susan Hay

Performers: Claire Thompson (singer), Agathe Girard (dancer),

Jennifer Redmond (pianist) and Lizy Stirrat (accordionist)


An award winning singer, a skilled dancer and actress and excellent musicians

come together in a unique production to re-enact some of Jacques Brel’s songs.

A genuine and powerful celebration of Brel’s work, using multimedia, music, dance

and theatre. The show is a light hearted celebration of Brel’s work which immerses

audiences into a French atmosphere.

Brel’s work has been widely sung, adapted, translated and interpreted by many

great artists, from David Bowie to Marc Almond, via Camille and Toby Spence

at the Scottish Ensemble, to name just a few. In the English speaking world,

Brel’s work tends to be known through translations which unfortunately, as

often happens, lose the original sensitivity and even sometimes meaning. In this

production, most of the songs are sung in the original French.

Presented as standalone short stories, each song is brought to life in a way

never done before. Singer and dancer come together to allow stories to unfold

and reveal themselves. Language is no longer a barrier as the movement and

interactions between singer and dancer are the vehicles through which audiences

can access the meaning of the words and the emotions conveyed by

those words.

This evening's performance will be followed by a talk back session led by Dr Chris Tinker, Reader in French at Heriot Watt University.



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