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17th - 26th May 2018
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Martha Window

Martha - Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

Show for Primary School Children

Wednesday 26th May 2010

Perth Theatre, 13:45

This event was part of the 2010 Festival Programme.

This charming production from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company tells the story of a misanthropic woman called Martha who lives in a little shack on the beach somewhere on the west coast of Scotland. Martha doesn't want a friend, it's clear. She throws back messages in bottles that turn up on her doorstep, she shoos away birds, she's rude to the postman when he tries to exchange a few pleasantries. She spends her days doing chores, listening to music, and scolding anyone who tries to have anything to do with her.

Then a goose turns up. At first Martha just feels sorry for him when he catches a cold in the rain -- a sneezing bird is always amusing -- and brings him inside for some TLC. But gradually, in spite of his generally bad behaviour, she starts to like the goose. Little by little, he worms his way into Martha’s affections. And we can see that he's fond of her too. He doesn’t speak, he's just a goose (albeit one with many moods and emotions, as puppeteered by David Rennie-Fitzgerald), but a couple of gleaming black eyes and a bendy goose-neck can say a lot, it turns out.

The show is very warm, funny and very touching. It’s one of those rare productions that the whole audience enjoys, no matter what age. Martha is suitable for children aged 4 and above, but years of experience have proved that adults love it too.

Catherine Wheels is an award-winning Scottish theatre company, and producers of critically acclaimed shows. Martha toured Scotland and North America, appearing on Broadway, and most recently won the Best Production at the Shanghai International Children’s Festival in 2008. Lifeboat won the 2002 Barclays Theatre Award for Best show for Children and Young People and has also appeared on Broadway and at the Sydney Opera House. Lifeboat was also nominated in the 2007 Manchester Evening News Awards. Borrow a child if you don’t already have one and the delight will come at seeing the world through their eyes. The List This show is suitable for Primary School Groups but is also open to members of the public. It lasts 50 minutes.