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17th - 26th May 2018
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Animal Farm

Animal Farm

by George Orwell

Sunday 23rd May 2010

Perth Theatre, 19:30

This event was part of the 2010 Festival Programme.

GUY MASTERSON & TTI presents * Adapted by Guy Masterson * Performed by Gary Shelford * Directed by Tony Boncza

Gary Shelford's magnificent solo performance of Orwell's classic satire has to be seen to be believed! Using nothing but a wooden box, some amazing sound effects and brilliant physical and vocal dexterity, Shelford ignites this famous yarn bringing a modern sinister relevence to Orwell's masterwork leaving an indelible inprint in the consciousness. Hilariously comic and powerfully poignant by turns, Shelford's breathtaking storytelling creates the farmyard around you in 110 minutes of utterly compelling theatre. This is a must see performance for all ages. If you've never seen or read Animal Farm, this is the show for you, and if you have, then see this... you won't believe it!

"ANIMAL MAGIC! ... This famous tale is ignited, bringing both humour and a sinister aspect to the rhetoric of the upwardly mobile pigs." (The Herald)

"A brilliant adaptation which delights with its physical grace and artistry. It's comTop of pageplex and entirely theatrical; a combination of bravura acting and poetic storytelling which milks new nuance and meaning!" (The Scotsman)